Safe Paws is a shelterless rescue organization and is made possible by a network of incredible foster families who open their hearts and homes to care for our rescues. There are always animals in need and together we are able to give loving dogs and cats a chance to find their forever homes.

Nope! Many of our fosters end up getting toys and treats when they’re out and about but you aren’t required to pay for anything related to your foster. Food, kennel, crates, toys, blankets, vet visits, etc are entirely covered by Safe Paws.

Once your new companion is home, it may take them a few days to settle in, adjust to their new surroundings, and let their true personality shine through. It is possible your dogs has never seen stairs before or your cat has never experienced a loving home. Keep this in mind as you introduce your foster to new people and situations as new things can be scary for them.

We suggest that you let your foster take the first two weeks with you to adjust and get to know your family. Try not to overwhelm them with new people, animals, and situations all at once in the beginning.

Each foster comes with a bag of food provided by Safe Paws. If you plan on changing to a different food, it is important to mix the old food in the the new food. Abruptly switching food can cause issues, such as upset stomachs, diarrhea, and/or constipation. Puppies/kittens should eat puppy/kiten food and adult animals should eat adult food.

We require fosters to crate or kennel their dogs throughout the day and at night (we will provide one if needed). Kenneling gives your foster a safe space, helps with house training, and helps save your personal items from being knocked over or chewed up.

Typically, our rescues have already been named. While the animal is being fostered, we don’t allow name changes due to vet records and consistency. However, if the foster does not have a name or you were to adopt your foster, you are more than welcome to name them.

Although we strive to match our foster cats and dogs with an appropriate foster home, there are occasions where they – just like people – don’t really jive together. If after a few days you feel the placement is not going to work, please contract Grace at and let her know that the placement is not working. We will work quickly to find an alternative foster home. Because foster homes are limited and are not always readily available, it may be a day or two before the animal can be moved.

Please keep in mind that our rescues have often had a long, hard trip and are in an entirely new environment, so time to decompress is crucial.

Safe Paws is proud to partner with All Pets Animal Hospital and Bondurant Animal Clinic to provide excellent general and emergency care to all of our fosters. If you believe a trip to the vet is needed, please contract Grace at or via Facebook to discuss the next steps.

The most common medical issues foster animals encounter are kennel cough/upper respiratory infection (similar to a common cold for us people), stress colitis, and intestinal worms. These are simple medical treatments and Safe Paws will provide medication when needed.

We do not cover the costs of vetting or medication at any other provider without prior approval.

If it’s an emergency (ex: your foster was hit by a car), take them to the nearest emergency vet and contact Safe Paws immediately.

It’s difficult to estimate how long an animal will be in foster care. It can be just a few days, a few weeks, or a month or longer.

However, we’re extremely active in the community and hold events every week to make sure foster animals get exposure and allows the public to meet and greet them.


Absolutely! As the foster family, you know more than anyone about your foster and you input for their online bio is great appreciated. Text bio, photos, and videos can be posted in on the volunteer page or emailed to Ryan @

Meet and greets are events held at different public locations to give people an opportunity to come and meet the rescues currently in foster. It is encouraged that you bring your foster to as many meet and greets as possible.

In the event that you cannot bring your foster, we can often arrange a ride for them so that they don’t miss out on a chance to meet their forever family.

Many times our foster families fall in love with their foster and don’t want to part ways with them. Please let us know IMMEDIATELY if you are considering this! Once we have started working through applications and potential adopters, we can’t stop the process.

Please let us know you are interested in adopting your foster as soon as you know.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you have a trip or vacation planned. We will try to locate another foster to cover this period of time or board them at one of our approved boarding facilities.